Midterm - Generative Design

Nihon no Haru

Japanese Spring

I am an ardent Japanophile, so this design is based on iconic images of spring in Japan. The border alternates between the Japanese flag and the Japanese character for "spring" (haru). The character color alternates between pink, red, and white, which are all recognizable colors of spring in Japan, as well as black because it's easy to see and most common for writing.

Japan is known world wide for its beautiful cherry blossoms or sakura that bloom in the springtime. The entire center design features petals falling from the flowers. The top portion of the design shows sakura with alternating center and pollen colors, as well as different numbers of petals. In the bottom portion, the flower petal designs alternate with a popular Japanese spring dessert, sakura mochi: a pink rice cake filled with sweet bean paste and wrapped in a pickled cherry blossom leaf. I decided to put the whole design over a pale blue color that compliments the delicate pinks and reflects the water of the Meguro River, a popular cherry blossom viewing site in Tokyo.